Matterport is the future for showing real estate. I got into shooting Matterport in early 2015 and I have watched this business grow very fast. If you have never experienced Matterport, you have to click on the links below and start virtually taking a tour through a home. Basically its Google Earth inside a house. You can spin all the way around, look up and down, and go through floors if you want! The experience is so amazing I don't know how people sell without it.

I have shot over 100 homes for some of the top real estate companies  out there. This is the new trend for showing your homes to new buyers.

Please call for a quote, I cover all of PA, NJ and DE at the moment along with Florida, Denver, and some parts of CA.

Sample Matterport homes to walk through:

1) Weidel/Danielle Davis Bucks County

2) North Jersey property

3) The Hammond

4) Villanova PA

First time on Matterport? Here are some pointers:

1) Look for the circles on the ground and click on them, then move your mouse around to look everywhere.

2) Want to move up to the 2nd floor or to the basement? In the bottom right part of the screen you can click in between floors.

3) Want to see what the house looks like as a doll house? Click the doll house button and right click your mouse and hold can spin the house and double click to any room you want.

4) Don't be shy, click around when you are in there, you can't break it!

If you have any questions call me and I can help you or one of my team can help you navigate through, enjoy.

Direct to Shawn: 267-246-4763

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