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Kramer Drive Samples

I'm a vendor for Kramer Drive Stationery, and my customers have all loved the quality of these cards for as long as I've been offering them. Kramer Drive isn't a retail location, but you can walk into their facility on the Main Line here in PA. They started as a small operation years ago and have grown considerably since then.

For more inexpensive cards, keep looking! We have other options as well.

Contact me with any questions about ordering:


cell: 267-246-4763

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Premium Cards

The average price for cards from Kramer Drive is $2.50 at a quantity of 100 or more.


Standard Cards

I have other standard cards, and you can click here to see the selection from Slim Line. These cards are $1.60/ea and come with envelopes, and they have a very fast turnaround. You supply me with what you want to say, for example, "Happy Holidays, Love, the Bradleys," and then I just need your quantity.

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Rory Barber

Executive Assistant

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm ET

(757) 869-7987 - call or text

Shawn May

Owner / Photographer

Point of contact on weekends and after 5 pm ET

(267) 246-4763 - call or text

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