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Kramer Drive Samples

 I am a vendor for  Kramer Drive Stationery. I've been in this business a long time and no one beats out their quality. I have yet to hear from a customer who was not thrilled with their final product they received. Kramer Drive is not a retail location but you can walk into their facility on the Main Line here in PA. They started as a semi small operation years ago and now they are larger then ever.

If you want standard more inexpensive cards, continue to scroll down this page for more selections.

Please contact me with any questions you would have about ordering.

email: smay120@gmail.com

cell: 267-246-4763

The average price for cards from Kramer Drive are $2.50. This is if  you order is for more than 100 cards. I will have the whole price list up as a PDF shortly so all can see it.


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I have other standard cards, you can click here to see the selection. These cards re $1.60/ea and come with envelopes, very fast turnaround. You supply me with what you want to say for example "Happy Holidays" Love the Bradley's  and tell me the quantity you need.

Slim Line Holiday Cards

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