Shawn May Photography is an outstanding operation! You clearly love your work and you carry it out competently and enthusiastically. I have worked for many years in marketing and have arranged countless photo shoots so I can safely say you are one of a kind! You provided incredible personal attention and impeccable artistic quality. You took our special moment in time and captured it for us in a way that far exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

In return, you can expect that whoever walks into my home will notice your work and will leave familiar with your name!! Keep up your unique and refreshing style.


Annette P.  / West Chester PA

**The following is a letter a bride wrote "to" Congress Hall where they were married**

I also wanted to thank you for the "recommended vendor list." We used Shawn May  based on Congress Hall's vendor list. I am absolutely floored by the shots he took (I have included the website with our pictures!). He also, was such a professional and made me feel like such a princess that day. He was so calming all through the process and has this way of getting excited for each project he is doing. It is very obvious how he puts nothing less than 110% into his work.

 So, please, please keep recommending him to your brides, he is an intricate part in making a girl's dream come true. I know I will be screaming his name from the roof tops up here in Pennsylvania!! "

Shawn, these photos are just wonderful. How will I ever choose?? My husband says that you are a genius. I will figure out my order some time after my vacation. Thanks again for such great work.

-Susan W./ Blue Bell PA

I ordered 2 of the 4 ft large framed shots of this from you about 4 months ago, remember me? Oh my God Shawn, they are insane! I get compliments daily from the one in my office. You need to market this one all over Philadelphia. You have a great eye my man. Let's talk soon.

Steve K.
Philadelphia, PA

Shawn, hands down you have the best customer service I have ever seen. I walked away from our appointment  telling my wife that you should teach a class on how customer service should be done. I run a big consulting company on the Main Line in PA and guess who is going to do all of our corporate pictures in the fall, yes...you will. I will call you next week to set that up. Keep it up Shawn, I will recommend you to every person I know.

Daniel C. Wayne PA

Shawn, Our wedding pictures are RIDICULOUS!! We checked them out last night- the website came up fine. WOW, you managed to capture all of the emotion of the day - the tears and the laughter, the little "private" moments. There were pictures I don't even remember taking, and moments I wasn't even aware there was a camera nearby. I don't even know where to begin to pick my favorite shots, because they are all so INCREDIBLE. Not only that, you and Dave were so great to work with! Your work ethic (that extra hour we made you stay) and your personalities (so laid back, yet very professional) made everything go so smoothly. You got us through those formals like clockwork. I can't say enough! Now we can't wait to see the albums! Thanks, again Shawn, for capturing the essence of our day. I will be recommending you to my friends and family!

Jessica Clendaniel, Delaware

By the way, this is what my aunt said about the pictures...

 "I've seen thousands of wedding pictures in my 61 years and I can tell you I've never seen any better. Your photographer(s) were excellent..."

The photos are amazing! Even better than I could have imagined!
Thanks to you, we had a wonderful experience on the shoot. With 1 year old twins and a 6 year old with significant special needs, it had been something we had been dreading. I had even resigned myself to the fact we probably would not get any good shots out of it. Instead, you captured each one of my children beautifully. I loved it when you said, "I'll just follow them around and let them do what they do".....and that you did, perfectly. Now my only problem is picking out my favorites because I love them all!

Many, many thanks for these beautiful pictures that I will have to treasure for a lifetime. You truly have a gift.

 M. Epps, Downingtown,PA.

Shawn, the photos you took of our family were spectacular. You captured us at our best! You made the entire experience easy, fun and relaxing. Thank you so much for your hard work and what a beautiful product. Everyone was so excited when they came in the mail. We will be sure to use you again in the coming years.

 Thank you!
Kelly W. / Hadonfield NJ

You really captured the spirit of our family togetherness with your pictures, we just love them! You have a great sense for people. . .your pictures actually tell a story which I love.

Jennifer F. / Darien, CT.

"Shawn, This picture of this girl is amazing. I'm always amazed by the creativity of your portraits! Without a doubt you have the proverbial "eye" that all photographers respect and covet."

Matthew Saville
Professional Photographer San Diego, CA.

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