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What to wear

One of the first questions I get, is:

 "What should we wear for a family portrait?"

Here I will show examples from some sittings that should help you get a feel for how you would like to dress for the photo session. Do not be afraid to wear colors like this picture to the left, look how much this picture "pops!" If your family wants to wear different colors, I say go for it.

Love these colors,  especially with good tans. Notice that nothing is really too bright, that is the key. The girls dresses were perfect for  a beach shoot, everyone seemed to compliment each other.

So many different colors and ideas here. I like this concept, looks like everyone was told to just dress nice and look how great it turned out! I guess it doesn't hurt the situation that everyone is great looking.

Green yellow and blue, I would have never thought this would look good but man did this turn out great. I also like that mom is in a white shirt to offset the rest of the family. Perfect looking family here. The father in this shot has enormous head but if you look past that the picture is really nice.

**He was in my wedding, I am allowed to bust on him.

I don't usually suggest stripes or tight patterns but again I was proven wrong by the color choices here! I love the way these outfits all come together, very relaxed and another great looking family.

The traditional white and Khaki pants. I still get a lot of this every year although I don't see as much of it as I have in the past fifteen years or so. Its always an easy way to get everyone in the same clothes and if you have some color, its always a good choice.

Black and khaki or black and jeans. If you have good sun then this color looks excellent in pictures.

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