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Top 5 Questions

1) What if it rains?

Answer: If it rains, we can either shoot indoors or we can shoot later in the day. If it's just a total blow out, we can always re-schedule.

2) What should we wear?

Answer: Look under the FAQ tab for "What to wear" and if that does not help you, you can always call me directly and I will help you out.

3) If I buy a package and it says I get 6 poses, how does that work with the prints I order?

Answer: First pick 6 of your favorite poses. Now you can mix and match all of the different sizes in that package to your order. You are not restricted to one pose for all the 5x7's for example, its flexible.

4) Can I buy a DVD of my images?

Answer: Yes, email me and I will send you the digital information.

5) How are you ever going to get my kids to smile, I can never get them when I am shooting?

Answer: I've been shooting kids for over 15 years now, I have great ways of getting these kids to trust me and then get my shots. Just ask any customer I have had in the past and they will tell you. I always tell parents, NO STRESS!! We will have fun and your pictures will be great, don't you worry.

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