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Photoshoot Infomation

My Style

Photography to me should never be forced. I hate putting people in long poses for any given time, its unnatural. I like looking at different lighting situations and getting the most out of my shots. Emotion is key, nothing beats an honest laugh, smile, or even tears. When this is done correctly, people feel the picture instead of just looking at it and that is a very powerful thing.

What to Expect/ Weddings

I like to be invisible at a wedding yet get every picture you dream of at the same time. I am not a guy who is in your face at all times but if you look closely, I am always within sight shooting situations with a long lens. My formals never take too long and I would never let anyone miss their cocktail hour if they did not want to, that is special time of the night also. Being a wedding photographer you have to be flexible and things can change in a flash so I can adapt well to these circumstances. I have shot over 280 weddings around the country so I have seen every crazy scenario you can imagine and we always make it work and get our beautiful pictures.

I insist I know my brides and grooms personally before the wedding also, we typically meet a few times. I then find the day of so much more relaxing for everyone because I am not a total stranger. Please contact me with any other questions you have.

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